Second Chance

AWS has been very successful in finding many cats & dogs new homes. We can increase our adoptions with your help. Foster homes are always in demand. Temporary housing would save many animals from the fate of a shelter. We can provide everything you'll need for a short stay before permanent placement.
Transporting animals is essential to adoption. When current owners decide to give up their pet (moving, allergies, etc.) they often give us time constraints (like today). Shelter rescues are on very short notice. Puppies and kittens are always in demand, but the good news is that there is an increasing number of requests for adult animals from people who want a trained pet. If you know of a good home or of someone giving up a pet or litter, please refer them to us. Frequently, a new home for animals is found from our Want List. We are very successful at giving pets a SECOND CHANCE and with your help our placements will increase.
For further information, call the office (248-548-1150) or




Please do not apply for an animal if you do not live in the
State of Michigan --- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for your understanding


Current Adoption Fees
Adoption fees includes vet examination, age appropriate vaccinations, heartworm check for adult dogs and deworming.



  • Puppies (under 4 months and not yet sterilized) = $250-300 *
  • Puppies (over 4 months and sterilized) = $250-300
  • Dogs (age 7 months - 6 years and sterilized) = $175-300
  • Senior Dogs (age 7+ and sterilized) = $125
  • Purebred Dogs and Small Dogs (25lbs & under) = $250-350
  • Purebred Toy Breeds and Small Breed Puppies = $350


Cats & Kittens:

  • Kittens (under 4 months and not yet sterilized) = $85 **
  • Cats (5 months - 1 year and sterilized) = $85
  • Cats (age 1 - 6 and sterilized) = $85
  • Senior Cats (age 7+ and sterilized) = $65


  * Includes $50 deposit which is returned after proof of spay/neuter.

** Includes $25 deposit which is returned after proof of spay/neuter.

All animals must be altered by 4-6 months of age. Fees subject to change if extensive veterinary care was necessary.





Foster Application

Adoption Application


Click on one of the following forms (Save the file, fill it out and save it again, then either send it to us by email: or by fax: 248-548-1869

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

This is one of the most important contributions you can make. Let people know about the magnitude of the pet overpopulation problem. Encourage them to adopt from animal shelters and rescue organizations rather than get their pet from a breeder or pet store that patronizes puppy mills. Explain to them the benefits of having their pets spayed and neutered so they won't be part of the problem. Wear a button on your coat that says, “Spay or Neuter Your Pet”. Spread the word.


Volunteer at a Local Shelter
You may have limited time but devoting one day every week or even every month to walk shelter animals can make a difference in their lives. These homeless dogs and cats may be confined to cages and small runs with little human stimulation, particularly if they're in overcrowded shelters with too few personnel and volunteers. If they lack interaction with humans they may withdraw, making it difficult for them to be adopted. Why not devote a few hours to them? It'll make both you and the animals feel good.

Support Stores and Organizations That Help Homeless Dogs and Cats
Many pet stores that sell dogs and cats get them from puppy mills. Instead of buying pet supplies from them, purchase from a company like Petsmart. Petsmart not only doesn't sell animals from puppy mills, they sponsor an active adoption program through their store which has provided homes for more than 1,000,000 homeless pets. Be aware of companies that help the plight of homeless dogs and cats and give them your patronage.


Donate Money to Animal Shelters and Other Animal Organizations
Some animal shelters offer the opportunity for you to “adopt” a homeless pet by mail. You'll receive a photo and even a letter from the pet you're helping on a regular basis in return for a small monthly donation to the shelter. This can really personalize the donation process and make it more meaningful.


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